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What is a multi-family office?


A multi-family office is an organization that is created to support the financial needs for select family groups to help them effectively manage, protect and grow their wealth.


What makes MCO Financial Management different from other wealth management firms?


Our experience is unmatched. As one of the Southwest's premier wealth management, investment, and trust and advisory family offices, we offer our clients unparalleled objectivity, historical perspective and solid stability. Our commitment to meticulous planning, methodical execution and long-term thinking delivers unmatched client results.


How would my family benefit from family office services?


Families use family office services to keep the family business running smoothly and to ensure that all their financial and personal needs are being met. We custom design our services to fit their individual needs, through a combination of wealth investment management, financial administration and lifestyle management services


What kinds of activities does MCO Financial Management handle?


We provide a vast array of wealth management services for a wide range of customers in all kinds of family office situations. Some are in business together. Some have recently sold the business. Others use their family office to establish and run a foundation or oversee investments in real estate, oil and gas, and other business interests. Still others use their office to help distant relatives stay in touch and to organize family reunions and other events. Every family uses its family office in a different way.


Is my family large enough for a multi-family office?


Families who set up offices come in all sizes. Although some include numerous family members, many family groups have as little as four or fewer members.


How are multi-family offices structured?


Our multi-family office is the hub of the family business, where we manage your family's financial management services including all of the attorneys, accountants, investment brokers, insurance agents, financial planners, and so forth, that are necessary to protecting and growing your wealth. We also hold meetings, coordinate communication with relatives and provide advice on important decisions.


How does MCO Financial Management act as a multi-family office partner?


Our multi-family office provides the expertise to help your family thrive and achieve their dreams. Our best-of-class integrated account managers handle nearly every financial activity your family requires, from paying bills to investing funds and managing foundations. We eliminate time-consuming and worrisome tasks and run your estate more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Why does my family need a comprehensive wealth plan?


For starters, security and peace-of-mind. We deliver maximum value by assembling the many pieces of your financial picture, putting them to work together and strengthening their potential. We formulate a wealth plan by bringing your financial situation into focus so you don't have to worry about your wealth being eroded by inefficient investment strategies or mismanagement.


Will I give up much control?


No. While our experienced account management advisors manage your liquid assets, it is only done in accordance with your goals and objectives. You maintain as little or as much direct involvement and participation in your affairs as you desire. We help you set the strategy; then we implement it for you, relieving you of the stresses involved with managing the complexities of your financial situation.


Is my privacy protected?


We consider your privacy before all else. The confidentiality of our clients is paramount. We do not discuss your financial holdings, actions or concerns with anyone without your permission.


Why would I use MCO Financial Management for investment purposes only?


While we welcome clients who only need investment services, we provide much more than the financial management company. Our clients also receive incredibly personalized care through our Lifestyle Management Services.



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