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  Protecting Your Family as well as Your Finances

We suggest that our clients use our business address as their address of record for practically everything from driver's licenses and property/vehicle titles to banking records and credit cards to luggage tags, association memberships and daily mail. This action not only protects you from theft and violence, it shields you from the pressures of campaigns for your time and money. Often financial institutions, marketing associations and other organizations will release information regarding their customers or members. This is not likely information that you want available to the public. Using our office as your address and phone number of record allows us to collect and/or filter this information for you. Information theft is a growing concern in this computer age. Sophisticated rings of criminals can steal an individual's identity and wreak havoc with one's finances. You've likely heard the importance of destroying personal documents before throwing them away, but shredding the vast amount of credit card offers, banks statements, bills and account numbers is a never-ending process. If your daily mail is delivered to our office, we will shred any mail that you do not wish to have forwarded directly to you. Further, we can monitor your incoming mail and take immediate action on urgent, priority or suspicious items. You will find this particularly helpful when traveling or otherwise engaged. Should you receive any legal, tax or insurance notice, we will immediately notify your appropriate advisors. We will contact the authorities should we detect any type of threat or implied risk to you and your family. With a dedicated office for the processing of correspondence, you are guaranteed a daily review and an appropriate, timely response. The less you use your home address, the less you risk becoming a victim of crime, unwanted solicitations and extraneous demands on your time.



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