Time is the Greatest Luxury

Not only can MCO Financial Management objectively handle your financial, investment, and philanthropic dealings, we can also provide excellent lifestyle management services and answers to family concerns, outside interests and any other subject on which you may want information. In short, we free up your time so you can concentrate on your career or relax and enjoy the life your wealth provides you.

Personal Services

Our multi-family office services are not limited to matters of major financial significance. We also act as personal concierges. On any given day, we help our clients with gift purchases, event tickets, travel plans, applicant screening for household services, and more. Our completely objective position leads many of our customers to seek our advice on a vast array of personal and family matters. We encourage our clients to call on us anytime for anything.

Family Governance

One of our greatest assets is the fairness and diplomacy with which we address complex family issues and promote harmony within the extended family. We structure a forum where the entire family can come together to discuss shared values, air differences, plan future activities, determine philanthropic goals and celebrate special occasions.

Personal Budgeting and Financial Planning

Whether you have millions or billions, fiscal responsibility is an essential part of ensuring that your wealth is available for the needs of current and future generations alike. In addition to monitoring the sources and applications of your wealth, we assist with bill payment, funds transferals, banking relationships, personal finances and individual budgeting. We take care of these time-consuming nuances so you have time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Business Management

Overseeing your financial affairs while trying to conduct your daily business activities can be overwhelming. Our business management services effectively handle all of your day-to-day business transactions and administrative details, allowing you to focus your energies on more creative endeavors.

Property Management

Maintaining multiple residences and other property such as aircraft, yachts and automobiles demands considerable time and resources in order to enjoy the benefits afforded by these assets. We relieve our clients of these responsibilities by managing their personal assets with meticulous attention and continuous supervision. This includes ensuring that client residences and facilities are immaculate, stocked and fully equipped before every use.

Travel Planning and Coordination

Travel is one of the supreme luxuries proffered by wealth coordinating itineraries is not. Whether you're planning a trans-Atlantic family get-together or inviting close friends to spend the week at your villa, we can arrange all the travel details and ensure your property is perfectly prepped to entertain when your guests arrive.

Fine Art and Collectibles

Fine art, antiques, classic cars and other collectibles demand significant time and energy investments. Obtaining and maintaining these precious items requires precious time. Our experts can help you locate, acquire and maintain items for your prized collections. We deal with all aspects of ownership including researching value histories, compiling insurance information, updating inventories and managing all other details pertaining to the valuables you own, have owned or may wish to own.

Public Liaison for Clients

With significant wealth comes increased responsibilities and involvement with the public. Wealthy individuals are often approached for charitable donations and participation in charity events. We can act as your public liaison, screening requests and planning your participation.

Personal Security

Unfortunately, significant wealth results in elevated safety concerns for the entire family. We provide our clients the very best residential and out-of-home protection services to ensure they receive the optimum level of security protecting their families and easing their minds.

Household Staffing

We understand the importance of high standards, complete privacy and ultimate discretion when screening estate managers, personal assistants, companions, chauffeurs, house managers, butlers, chefs and other aides for our clients. With access to the highest caliber of domestic staffing agencies available, we can handle all of your domestic staffing requirements.



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