Asset Allocation

First, we take the time to listen, making sure we fully understand your current situation your personal, business and family dynamics, as well as the services you expect us to provide. Next, we perform a careful analysis of your income requirements, tolerance for risk, desired level of investment returns, time horizon, wealth transfer goals, plans for gifting, large purchases and any other factors unique to your situation.

Significant wealth creates tremendous challenges; a plan of action is vital to ensure wealth is preserved and maximized for current and future generations. We work closely with families to develop a collaborative plan to complement the services provided by other family advisors.

We thoroughly assess your insurance needs, legal documents (wills, trusts, etc.), tax burdens, retirement projections, business continuity and personal goals. Once we've determined your current needs and multi-generational goals, we build a customized and comprehensive wealth management plan that provides you with sound, objective financial advice and guidance that focuses on after-tax and risk-adjusted returns. We then objectively identify best-of-class managers to develop a long-term investment strategy. Through continuous and proactive oversight, our goal (and yours) is to produce superior returns year-over-year regardless of how the markets are performing.

Best-of-Class Services

The majority of money managers do not outpace the overall market. Access to superior managers is critical in order to achieve superior investment results. Settling for average performance is a frequent mistake and major obstacle toward the goal of enhancing and preserving wealth for current and future needs. We take great pride in our ability to find superior money managers and stay abreast of the latest return-enhancing strategies. Additionally, we utilize the best software and computer systems available to manage the process of managing wealth.



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