Integrated Wealth Management

The complete picture Portfolio management is only one aspect of the multi-family office. Significant wealth creates tremendous challenges. A plan of action is vital to ensuring wealth is preserved and maximized for current and future generations. We build this integrated wealth management plan by providing you with sound, objective financial advice and guidance; proactive investment management; tax planning and preparation; financial analysis and insurance assessment; and visionary trust, estate and philanthropy planning.

As a multi-family office, we work closely with families to develop a collaborative plan to complement the services provided by other family advisors. By effectively managing the information that all parties need, we successfully integrate the unique and complex needs of the ultra high net worth family. Below is a list of a few of the family wealth management services we provide our clients every day.

Coordination of Advisors

Managing the sheer number of financial specialists, strategies and diverse allocations within a successful portfolio is extremely time-consuming. In addition, coordinating and disseminating critical information in a timely manner can overwhelm the inexperienced. One of our fundamental responsibilities in the wealth management process is to ensure that relevant information gets to the right people at the right time. To accomplish this, we design customized financial reports and ensure the immediate distribution of appropriate information to you and the professionals involved in managing your family's affairs.

Estate Planning

Significant wealth creates challenges for those who acquired it. Proper planning is critical to successfully maximizing the wealth for current and future generations. Proper preparation requires employing sophisticated techniques, most typically the orchestration of multiple trusts, a family foundation, family limited partnerships, LLC, and so forth. We have significant experience developing estate plans, and thus are perfectly suited to work with you and your estate planning attorney and other wealth transfer specialists to concept innovative ways your wealth can be used to achieve personal and family goals.

Administration of Trusts, Foundations, and Partnerships

The process of estate planning usually results in multiple estate planning entities that have unique terms and provisions, as well as tasks that must be routinely monitored to make sure the estate plan is carried out in accordance with your goals and objectives. Our expertise in the administration of these entities relieves you of the burdens of meeting critical deadlines and ensuring that tasks and fiduciary duties are properly fulfilled.

Risk Management

Risk management entails many areas from sophisticated strategies developed to manage the risk associated with concentrated stock positions, to life insurance, property insurance, asset protection, personal safety and privacy issues. We work closely with experts in each subset of risk management to minimize risk and give you peace of mind knowing all planning opportunities available have been considered and evaluated.



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