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Most sophisticated families believe their net worth is substantial enough to insulate them from complete financial degradation. But as the saying goes the first generation earns it, the second generation saves it, and the third generation loses it. Once wealth begins to fracture across several generations, unwise spending habits, mismanaged investing, severe tax losses and reduced buying power compound the degenerative effects on the value of the portfolio. With appropriate guidance, we can combat multi-generational fragmentation to perpetuate your wealth for many generations to come.
Family Wealth Advisory Services
Preserving wealth for future generations is almost impossible without proper planning and superior money managers who understand every aspect of investing and taxation. We strongly encourage you to let us help you evaluate how your affairs are currently being handled. Are your various advisors and financial institutions seamlessly coordinated and working together to achieve your goals? Are they free of any conflicts? Are they best of class? Do they understand and take into account the personal dynamics of the individual family members?

The Benefits of Family Wealth Management Services
 The family is a dynamic entity composed of individuals with varying interests, abilities, needs and goals. While extended family members become separated by distance, disharmony and death, they are still integral parts of the whole and, from time to time, must act as one. Working with MCO Financial Management, the family remains cohesive through a formal framework that facilitates constant communication and understanding. By consolidating their assets and remaining focused on a clear financial strategy, the family enjoys many benefits that would otherwise not be available to them.  

These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Substantial increase in overall net worth of the family portfolio

  • Access to a vast array of integrated and customized services not collectively offered anywhere else

  • Cost savings and the benefit of smaller family assets being included in the portfolio's investment strategy

  • Strengthening of the family's legacy by reaffirming the family mission through education and practice

  • Confidence in knowing that the management of their financial and personal affairs are held in the strictest privacy

  • Peace of mind, knowing they are affiliated with an organization whose goals are completely aligned with their own

A Few of the Many Reasons to Call MCO Financial Management
 Many families don't realize they need wealth advisory services. Below are just a few of the more popular reasons clients use our services. There are more, but having questions about the management of your family's wealth is enough to give us a call.

  • To centralize the management of the assets of the entire family and increase its buying power

  • To manage the substantial liquid assets generated from the sale of a business or wealth from an inheritance

  • To allow current and future family members to pursue happiness while we manage their personal financial assets

  • To free up time so the professionals in the family can concentrate on business

  • To maintain the confidentiality of personal assets by managing the separation of personal financial assets from the operating business assets

  • To manage the increasing services the family needs as it grows to multiple generations

  • To replace the expertise of the founder of the assets who is no longer willing or able to manage the assets

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